Baby Bottom Of The Opening Table Expand

Baby Bottom Of The Opening Table



400,00 TL

tax incl.
80,00 TL tax incl.

ProBed-2001 baby's bottom opening, changing, and arson

• Bed sponge mattress on the platform are covered over vinleks

• Three sides of the platform to prevent falling over-proof is surrounded by.

Baby is six opening panel, metal, painted with electrostatic powder paint.

Exterior Dimensions:

WIDTH: 500 mm Height: 800 mm Height: 950 mm

Type Baby bottom opening and arson
Warranty: 2 years
Brand Probed
Total Width 50 cm
Total Height: 95 cm
Upholstery Color Leather Upholstery Vinlex Desired Color
Total Length: 80 cm
Foot Types Hard Foot

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