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  • Medical Step, 2-Step Eskabo
    Medical Step, 2-Step Eskabo

    A short informative article about the single-digit and double-digit escabo step, also called the medical step.

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  • Medical Hanger
    Medical Hanger

    Medical is a name given to all of the practices that are carried out in order to protect and restore human health. If we are to define it in a shorter way, it can be called the art of medical healing.

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  • Eskabo Step Maker
    Eskabo Step Maker

    Medical materials appear in almost every field. One of the medical products that facilitates our daily life as well as our health life is known as the eskabo step. This type of step, which facilitates the lives of both patients and health personnel, is used comfortably in every area of ​​our daily life.

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  • Hospital Equipment Stand
    Hospital Equipment Stand

    There is a wide variety of products in hospital supplies. This diversity has led to workplaces selling many products and many medical supplies in the sector. The device stand is one of the most used products, although its name is not known. They are usually produced with wheels and 2 shelves. They are also used in many departments. It is produced in accordance with the hospital decor and most of them are white as standard. Of course, like all hospital products, the device stand is produced...

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  • Quality Eskabo Step
    Quality Eskabo Step

    Eskabo step, which is among the most frequently needed products, provides a great advantage in the work of health personnel. In addition to health personnel, the eskabo step enables patients to reach the patient's table. Generally, metal pipes and metal steps are used in these step types. The skeleton of this step, which consists of two steps, is designed as metal. The escabo step, whose body is made of metal, is made of wooden steps. It is important for the long-term use of the product that...

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  • Dressing Trolley Manufacturer
    Dressing Trolley Manufacturer

    Dressing Trolley, whatnot Recently, many new and different models have been produced in the field of medical products. Medical supplies, including hospital and patient supplies, are very large in terms of variety and number of products. It is obligatory to comply with the regulations for the production and design of these materials, which are produced according to the usage area and usage. Small products such as dressing trolley and shelving are generally produced in similar models....

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  • Inexpensive Bedside Shelf
    Inexpensive Bedside Shelf

    Bedside cabinets are nightstands located at the head of the beds in the patients' rooms in hospitals. Bedside shelving actually works very well in hospital rooms. It facilitates the work of both patients and their relatives.

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  • Serum Hanger Manufacturer
    Serum Hanger Manufacturer

    If you work in the health sector, you are aware of the importance of IV hangers in the hospital. For this reason, the high quality and usefulness of the serum hangers in the hospital is among the features that healthcare professionals look for. Therefore, hospitals are looking for certain features when they are going to provide serum hangers.

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  • Piercing Chair
    Piercing Chair

    As human beings, we all have weaknesses against various accessories. Some of us take great pleasure in using bracelets, some of us watches, and some of us using earring-style accessories. Some people, on the other hand, put accessories in an important place in their lives as a result of procedures such as piercings. These piercings are generally performed on areas such as eyebrows, navel, lips or ears. There are some products where customers need to sit or lie down in order to carry out these...

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  • Bedside Nightstand Price
    Bedside Nightstand Price

    When we go to visit a patient, the lamp on the head of the patient never draws our attention. The cabinets in the hairdressing salon are the same. However, bedside tables are one of the most important products for the user.

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  • Patient Dining Table
    Patient Dining Table

    There are various products that patients in the hospital environment can use in order to meet their needs comfortably. One of the first things that stand out among these products is the patient dining table product, which allows them to meet their food needs comfortably. Thanks to some of the features it has, this product serves to easily meet the eating needs of people in the hospital environment.

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  • Multi-Purpose Stand
    Multi-Purpose Stand

    We have to work with very large devices or materials in hospital environments or in work areas such as beauty salons. For this reason, there are some products that are used in order to carry a device that can be carried by man power more easily. The device stand is only one of these products. If you work in a place that has such large devices, we can say that this coffee table is for you.

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