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  • What Are Veterinary Supplies?
    What Are Veterinary Supplies?

    Veterinary Supplies Before the subject of veterinary supplies, to give a brief information about who the veterinarian is and what he does; A veterinarian is a person who carries out various studies in order to protect the health of animals, to prevent various diseases, to prevent disease transmission between each other or to prevent transmission to humans. These people also need some veterinary supplies to be able to do these procedures.

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  • Skin Care Bed Features
    Skin Care Bed Features

    Skin Care Bed Today, one of the newly developing and growing sectors is beauty centers. In these salons, which are mostly designed for the needs of women, various procedures related to the skin and the whole body are performed. For this purpose, skin care bed designs were made. These beds are used for many procedures other than skin care. In these beds, which are produced in different models, you have the chance to choose the model color that fits the decor of your living room or center. It...

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    TATTOO STRETCHER In the tattoo industry, there are certain products that tattoo masters should have in their studios. The presence of these products in their studios alleviates the workload of tattoo masters and makes them less tired at work. If you also have a tattoo studio, you should be aware of the fact that there are some fixtures in your studio. Among these fixtures, we would like to talk to you about the general features of the tattoo stretcher today.

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  • Medical Lamp Features
    Medical Lamp Features

    Medical Lamp One of the most important technical materials that facilitates the work of physicians and medical personnel in mandatory situations such as surgery, surgical operation and medical intervention is the medical lamp, that is, the operating lamp. The medical lamp, which enables the physician or medical personnel such as nurses to keep the viewpoint and quality at the highest level, is used in every hospital, clinic, etc. It is a medical equipment that must be found in institutions....

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  • Veteriner Ameliyat Masası Özellikleri
    Veteriner Ameliyat Masası Özellikleri

    VETERİNER AMELİYAT MASASI Evimizde, çiftliğimizde ya da sokakta yaşamını sürdürmekte olan bir hayvanın tıpkı bizim gibi sağlık problemleri ile karşı karşıya geldiği bilinen gerçeklerdir. Bundan dolayı tıpkı bizlerin doktora başvurduğu gibi bu dostlarımızın da kendi doktorları olan veteriner hekimlere gösterilmesi gerekmektedir. Bu yüzden nasıl ki bizim sağlık ihtiyacımızın iyi bir şekilde karşılanması adına belli başlı malzemelerin hastane ortamı içerisinde olması gerekiyorsa veteriner...

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  • Tattoo Arm Stand
    Tattoo Arm Stand

    FORGED ARM TABLE If your customers want to get tattoos on their arms, you should definitely have our product, the Tattoo Arm Stand. Our product has been designed to serve you with its special design only for us and it has come to support you with its reasonable price. We know that today, the most tattooed people usually get tattoos on their arms and they need an auxiliary tool for this, and we are here with our product specially designed by us to meet your need. Our designers, who always...

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  • Medical Screen
    Medical Screen

    Medical Screen           The medical screen, which is designed to be foldable, has been prepared in the most superior way in terms of its features.

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  • Tattoo Chair
    Tattoo Chair

    Tattoo Chair Tattoo chair is a material that tattooists use a lot. Lots of people get tattoos. You will see a lot of tattoo chairs in the places you go to get a tattoo. The people who do this job are experts in their field. However, the places you go to should be clean, as well as the seat you sit on should be clean. This should be taken care of so that you do not get any disease or inflammation. You must sit still while getting a tattoo. The tattoo needle can hurt you, so it would be...

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  • Cosmetic Ingredients
    Cosmetic Ingredients

    Cosmetic Ingredients   Since ancient times, women have made various products a part of their lives for their beauty. The products they use for this beauty are generally called cosmetics. These cosmetic materials have changed over the course of history. As a result, women now meet beauty treatments with different products. However, we can tell you that there are some situations that women should pay attention to when using these products.

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  • Serum Hanger Prices
    Serum Hanger Prices

    SERUM HANGERS If you work in the health sector, you are aware of the importance of IV hangers in the hospital. For this reason, the high quality and usefulness of the serum hangers in the hospital is among the features that healthcare professionals look for. Therefore, hospitals are looking for certain features when they are going to provide serum hangers.

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  • Tattooist Stool Features
    Tattooist Stool Features

    TATTOO STOOL The Tattooist's Stool has been designed in a magnificent way for you, our customers, who fulfill the most important task with our product. When you say Tattoo Stool, you might say it should be very good, but we think it is a very important product because each product used in the business always has a lot of value.

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  • Wooden Wall Shelf
    Wooden Wall Shelf

    Cosmetic products, in general, are chemical or herbal substances that are used to beautify, increase attractiveness or change the image, applied to the human body, sprinkled or sprayed. The name given to these substances in general terms is cosmetic equipment or cosmetic materials. A sub-branch of cosmetics is make-up made with products such as lipstick, mascara, foundation and blush to beautify the face and its surroundings or to give it a different look. Since cosmetic equipment mostly...

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