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  • Permanent Makeup Chair Features
    Permanent Makeup Chair Features

    Permanent Makeup Chair Permanent make-up chair product is a product preferred by make-up artists. Often used by hairdressers. Anyone who wants to have permanent make-up has to use this chair. These types of armchairs are generally products that offer comfort and convenience. The comfort of these products is important for the work to be done. Since makeup chairs are products that everyone uses, they must be clean. It is necessary to take care of it in order not to transmit diseases and to...

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  • Tattoo Chair Features
    Tattoo Chair Features

    TATTOO CHAIR Tattooing is a process that people do with various paints on their bodies. The desire to draw pictures on this body has always existed throughout human history. Sometimes it was a process that women did in order to look scary on the battlefields, and sometimes in order to look beautiful. This process is now done by professionals today. Various products are used in tattoo studios while performing these procedures. Today, we would like to talk about these products, which is...

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  • Dining Table Manufacturer
    Dining Table Manufacturer

    Medical Dining Table The medical dining table, which is one of the materials used in the hospital, is produced in models designed in accordance with the needs. Since it is a hospital issue, of course, the first issue in design and production is hygiene and easy cleaning. In our country and in the world, new models are produced with the researches made in recent years. In addition to all the needs of hospitals, our company also sells medical dining tables. Just call us for special prices and...

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  • Device Table and Device Trolley Features
    Device Table and Device Trolley Features

    DEVICE DESK, DEVICE TROLLEY If you are someone who works in a health institution, you know that the devices in health institutions need to be transported safely and quickly. Therefore, in order to carry these devices comfortably, products such as device desk and device trolley are used. These products also allow you to move around in the working area very comfortably thanks to some of the features they have.

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  • Baby Diaper Table Features
    Baby Diaper Table Features

    Baby Bottom Opening Table In line with the developing technology and possibilities, many products that make life easier have become available to the market. Since the care of babies is sensitive and the hygiene environment is given importance by mothers, many products for babies are also on the market. Among these products, there is also a baby diaper table. These tables are equipped with different functions to ensure the comfort of the baby. This product, which meets the sensitivity of...

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  • Double Eskabo Step Properties
    Double Eskabo Step Properties

    2nd Digit    Today, every product is designed to make life even easier. One of these products appears as a double step. The double step used to go up to the examination table is also used to get off the table.

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  • Skin Care Chairs Manufacturer
    Skin Care Chairs Manufacturer

    Skin Care Chairs Skin care chairs are chairs used for procedures such as skin care, body care and epilation.

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  • What is Dressing Trolley Shelter
    What is Dressing Trolley Shelter

    Dressing Trolley, Shelf Almost all of us do not even know the names of many products used in the hospitals we go to to heal and regain our health. Dressing trolley and shelving are among the products whose name we do not know. They are products that look small but speed up the work of those working in hospitals and clinics. These equipments, which are classified as medical materials, must be cleanable like all hospital equipment. Due to the density experienced in hospitals, all products...

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  • What is Tattoo Stretcher?
    What is Tattoo Stretcher?

    TATTOO STRETCHER Consideration of tattooing as a branch of art rather than a profession is an issue that needs attention. For this reason, people who will deal with tattooing should have certain skills in this business. For this reason, it is extremely important that people who are masters in this art sector go through certain trainings instead of opening their own studios directly. As a result of these trainings, one of the products that the tattoo artist who decided to open his own studio...

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  • Spa Bed Prices
    Spa Bed Prices

    Spa Bed Massage is a topic that most people are interested in. Spa is also the most important feature of massage. You will see how relaxed you are when you have a spa massage. The spa bed is also very important in terms of the efficiency of the massage. The spa bed is generally preferred as wood. The comforting property of wood is also used in beds. Other than wood, various materials are used. However, the generally preferred product is wood.

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  • Cilt Bakım Yatağı Üretici
    Cilt Bakım Yatağı Üretici

    Cilt Bakım Yatağı Günümüzde yeni gelişen ve gün geçtikçe büyüyen sektörlerden biride güzellik merkezleridir. Çoğunlukla kadınların ihtiyaçları için tasarlanan bu salonlarda cilt bakımından tüm vücutla ilgili çeşitli işlemler yapılmaktadır. Bu amaçla cilt bakım yatağı tasarımları yapılmıştır. Cilt bakımı dışında da birçok işlem için bu yataklar kullanılmaktadır. Farklı modelleri üretilen bu yataklarda salonunuzun ya da merkezinizin dekoruna uyan modeli rengi tercih etme şansınız...

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  • Epilasyon ve Bakım Yatağı üretici
    Epilasyon ve Bakım Yatağı üretici

    Epilasyon ve Bakım Yatağı Epilasyon ve bakım yatağı güzellik merkezlerinde kullanılan yatak çeşididir. Epilasyon vücutta bulunan istenmeyen kıllardan kurtulmak için yapılır. Yapılırken oldukça temiz ve rahat bir ortam oluşturmak gerekir. Rahat bir kumaştan yapılan bakım koltukları daha fazla tercih edilir. Epilasyon işlemi yatılarak yapıldığı için yatakların da rahat olması gerekir. Günümüzde gelişen teknoloji sayesinde işlev gören yerlerden bir tanesi de güzellik bakım yerleridir. Genel...

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