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  • Examination Bed
    Examination Bed

    Many products in the hospital can alleviate the workload of health personnel. The examination bed, which is included in these products, allows the doctors to carry out the treatment and diagnosis procedures of the incoming patients more easily. Thanks to this bed, where the patient, who has come for treatment and diagnosis, can be placed in any position, doctors can make their diagnosis definitively.

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  • Tattoo Chair
    Tattoo Chair

    Tattoo art is not an art that everyone can do. First of all, you must have a talent for performing this art. After that, we can tell you that you should work as an apprentice for a certain period of time with a professional who is dealing with this business. After doing these procedures, there will be no obstacles in front of you to establish your own tattoo studio. After you manage to set up your tattoo studio, you need to have certain products in your studio. Among these products, we would...

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  • Hair Transplantation Chairs
    Hair Transplantation Chairs

    Hair transplantation is also the process of transporting hair follicles taken from areas such as the chest, arms and legs, where the hair transplant is strong, and especially from the back of the head near the nape, to the area where the hair is shed. As it is known, new methods have emerged in recent years as a solution to the problem of baldness. With these methods, the problem of baldness is solved. Transplantation from the area close to the nape is generally preferred in the...

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  • Skin Care Stretchers
    Skin Care Stretchers

    There are different methods on skin care in our country and in the world. Thus, those who want to have skin care can benefit from this application in a very short time. An important situation during the application is the environment as it is known. There is a risk of transmission of all kinds of infectious diseases in skin care performed in beauty salons, hairdressers and the relevant parts of large resorts. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully select the relevant equipment.

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  • Patient Dining Table
    Patient Dining Table

    There are various products that patients in the hospital environment can use in order to meet their needs comfortably. One of the first things that stand out among these products is the patient dining table product, which allows them to meet their food needs comfortably. Thanks to some of the features it has, this product serves to easily meet the eating needs of people in the hospital environment.

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  • Hair Removal and Care Bed
    Hair Removal and Care Bed

    Beauty and care has become a sector in which we all have been in great demand in recent years. Thanks to the newly opened beauty and hairdressing salons, it has become possible to do both epilation and skin care in every district and for every budget. In order to look beautiful and well-groomed, conformity in terms of decor and health is very important in these salons, where we women often go for care.

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  • Blood Collection Bed
    Blood Collection Bed

    Blood Collection Bed is an indispensable product of hospitals, health institutions and organizations. That's why these products should be very healthy, comfortable and well-structured so that only people who have blood drawn can be comfortable. We have set out to produce the most accurate product and sell it to you, valuable companies, by paying attention to this issue. We chose quality materials to produce the best and quality product, and we made the drawings by considering how the patient...

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  • Cheap Waxing Bed
    Cheap Waxing Bed

    Waxing Bed is one of the most essential products of hairdressers and beauty salons. Therefore, it must be found in hairdressers and beauty salons. In this way, your customers will be very satisfied with you.

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  • Permanent Makeup Stretcher
    Permanent Makeup Stretcher

    Looking beautiful has become easier with the developments in recent years. Many women prefer permanent make-up and similar new methods that appear every day. In this way, instead of putting on make-up every day, she has the same beauty and well-groomed appearance at every moment of the day. Newly opened beauty salons and relevant departments of hairdressing salons take advantage of this development and add these innovations to their service lists.

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  • Hairdresser Waxing Stretcher
    Hairdresser Waxing Stretcher

    Hairdresser waxing stretcher is used as a waxing bed in hairdressers. There is also a cloth on these beds, which are usually slightly inclined, and this cloth should be changed after each waxing. When we go to the beauty center for a difficult process such as waxing, we may also feel conditioned when we see the hairdresser's wax stretcher. Stretchers are generally foldable and do not take up much space in the room. It is used in waxing in beauty centers, after the waxing process is done, it...

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  • Bedside Nightstand Price
    Bedside Nightstand Price

    When we go to visit a patient, the lamp on the head of the patient never draws our attention. The cabinets in the hairdressing salon are the same. However, bedside tables are one of the most important products for the user.

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  • Elite Massage Table
    Elite Massage Table

    Massage is an industry that is getting more and more attention day by day. The number of salons where people get massages to relieve their daily fatigue is also increasing. When we say massage, we understand the relaxation of the back, arms, legs and other parts of the human body by touching them with lotion. In detail, there are different types.

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