ProBed-3010 backrest and footrest movable seat portion (plastic with bathtub) Expand

The backrest and footrest movable seat portion (plastic with bathtub)



990,00 TL

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93,00 TL tax incl.

ProBed-3010 backrest and footrest movable seat portion (plastic with bathtub)


• Manual-manually adjustable backrest portion. In this way, the platform may provide the desired degree of back, or you can bring it to the upright position.

• Manually adjustable foot section. You can bring it to the feet of the occupant by removing the flat position, or you can download it for your grade.

• The Seating apparatus includes a platform tub and put the material to 2 under.

• Hair provided a beautiful view reinforced by adding metal parts and more.

• Crash on that do not make high quality sponge can be cleaned and anti-bacterial seat with leather upholstery vinlex model.

• Includes armrest on each side of the apparatus.

• You can manually move up or down on each side of the armrest apparatus.

• Applied to the part and back part of the foot with the removal of the 180-degree position to 180 cm, the stretcher can come

• A cushion to put head-Fi.

• Metal parts powder-coated.

• Optional color can be changed.

Technical Specifications:

  • All the superficial regions 7 of 28 dance. vinlex upholstered in grey leather and sponge on.

  • A total of 23 kg.

  • The stretcher in position, length 180 cm.

  • Sitting back and 57 cm in the region of the foot.

  • 40 cm*15 cm*5 cm sponge armrests measures of the zone

  • A seating area with floor height of 65 cm.

  • ExBxY - 57 cm x 65 cm x 180 cm

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