Folding Legs Skin-Care Beds (Towel Dispenser Apparatus) Expand

Folding Legs Skin-Care Beds (Towel Dispenser Apparatus)


245,00 TL

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40,00 TL tax incl.

ProBed-8232 Folding Legs Skin-Care Beds (Towel Dispenser Apparatus)


• Bottom Metal feet, and a platform bed consists of

• Bed and good quality MDF particleboard covered with leather on high-density gray foam part vinlex

• Manually moving the head tip portion easily can be upgraded incrementally.

• In the area of the foot towel dispenser apparatus

Doesn't take up space with the folding feature of your feet

• All metal parts powder-coated


Width: 60 cm - height: 180 cm Height: 70 cm

Type Skin Care Beds
Carrying Capacity: 150 kg
Range Of Motion Backrest
Type Of Flooring High Quality Leather Vinlex
Warranty: 2 years
Brand ProBed
Total Width 60 cm
Total Height: 70 cm
Upholstery Color White (The Desired Color Option)
Total Length: 180 cm

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