Dr. Dermape Pen For Beauty Salons (Dermaroller Device)

Dr. Dermape Pen For Beauty Salons (Dermaroller Device)


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Dr. Dermape Pen For Beauty Salons (Dermaroller Device)

Dermape what are the uses?

- In the treatment of acne and dry acne,
- Removing skin blemishes,
- Wrinkle and anti-aging application
- Spot treatment
- Sagging and lifting treatments
- Cellulite, used in the cracks and birthmark.

How is it used ?

Connect the power cable to the input on the back of the device. The PIN 36 pin 9,12 of the device you want to use the track or to the beginning turn clockwise slightly. During dialing, make sure the needle is fully seated. Located below the title attached needle, bring the needle length appropriate for the sessions you want to do the setting part. If uzunlugu1 needle.Secured eat 5mm, 1.5 mm needles will pop out.Long the button is pressed, the device starts to work again, and long press of the device when operation stops. Located in the central part of the device of the ON / OFF button speed settings, with the help of can be made. This device can work as wired.

What Should I Pay Attention To ?

Do not use in areas with open wounds.
Do not use on active acne.
Do not use if damaged the cartridge the needle is bent and broken.
Do not use on another patient of the same shot.
The needle on the same patient clean with a disinfectant spray prior to each use necessarily which one to use.
Derma stamp pen device, the pen is called the skin due to genclestirmes youth.

Of the device the contents of the set:

1 x Micro needling device
1 110/220V adapter
1 device protection box
PIN 2 x 12 needle cartridge
1 X 30 Ml. Antiseptic disinfectant spray

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