Classic Skin Care Hidrolikli Chair (Height Adjustable)

Skin Care Hidrolikli Seat (Height Adjustable)


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ProBed-Skin Care 8204 Hidrolikli Seat (Height Adjustable)


• Stomp pedal height adjustment that can be made easily hidrolikli seat a maximum of 68 cm 57 cm minimum can be adjusted depending on how you want to be.

• Gradual backrest adjustment is done manually. In this way, the platform at the desired degree of tilt or bring back to the upright position.

• Manually adjustable foot section. You can bring it to the feet of the occupant by removing the flat position, or you can download it for your grade.

• Crash on that do not make high quality sponge can be cleaned and anti-bacterial seat with leather upholstery vinlex model.

• Whether the armrest apparatus on each side one through the right arm, if you want, you can perform the operation in the left arm.

• In this way you can manually move up or down on each side of the armrest apparatus, the user can ensure correct positioning.

• Hidrolikli applied to the seat part and the back part of the foot with the removal of, 178 cm, the stretcher can come to a 180 degree position.

• Can rotate 360 degrees around its own axis.

• Color changes can be made according to the request and optionally si with 4 wheel brakes 2 can be included in the Chair.

Technical Specifications:

  • All the superficial regions 28 dance. vinlex upholstered in grey leather and sponge on.

  • A total of 25 kg.

  • The 178 cm length in stretcher position.

  • Sitting back and 58 cm in the region of the foot.

  • 40 cm*15 cm*5 cm sponge armrests measures of the zone

  • Floor seating area with a minimum height of 57 cm. 68 cm maximum

  • ExBxY - 58 178 cm x 57 cm x 68 cm

Data sheet
Type Skin Care Chair
Carrying Capacity: 150 kg.
Range Of Motion Height, backrest and footrest Portion
Width 58 cm
Height 57 cm - 68 cm
Length 178 cm
Type Of Flooring High Quality Leather Vinlex
Warranty: 2 years
Brand Probed
Armrests 2 Moving Up And Down
Upholstery Color Black
Shipping Included Optional
Back Lifting Angle 180°~ 95°
The Lifting Angle Of The Foot 95°~ 180°
Foot Types Hard Foot
Footrest 2 Gradual Moving Parts Independent Of Each Other

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