3 Motorized Electric Chair Tattoo Tattoo (Trendelenburg Motion) Expand

Tattoo Chair Electric Tattoo (Trendelenburg Motion)



2 250,00 TL

tax incl.
100,00 TL tax incl.

ProBed-3 Motorized Electric Chair Tattoo Tattoo 9232 (Trendelenburg Motion)


• Backrest can be adjusted by electric motor.

• The tip of the foot portion can be adjusted by the electric motor.

• Trendelenburg movement by the electric motor can be adjusted.

• You can control all functions with the hand control.

• High density sponge of the seat platform on the bearing vinleks is covered.

• Features two side accessory rail for accessories.

• Two arm includes a support apparatus.

• Features armrests head on the pillow.

• Four 360 degree swivel wheels, ABS covered, antistatic properties, both brake tertibatli.

• All metal parts are coated with electrostatic powder paint.


Width: 600 mm Height: 1800 mm Height: 600 mm

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