Tattoo Studio Equipment Set-4

Tattoo Studio Equipment Set-4


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1. Product

Tattoo and black tattoo chair (Price: 450,00 TL 85,00 TL Cargo)


• Manual-manually adjustable backrest portion. In this way, a black tattoo of the platform may provide the desired degree of seat back, or you can bring it to the upright position.

• Manually adjustable foot section. You can bring it to the feet of the occupant by removing the flat position, or you can download it for your grade.

• Crash on that do not make high quality sponge can be cleaned and anti-bacterial with leather trim vinlex tattoo is a model of a chair.

• Armrest on each side of the apparatus through one, whether you can perform the process of tattooing on his left arm the right arm if you want.

• In this way you can manually move up or down on each side of the armrest apparatus, the tattoo can be tattooed person in the right position.

• Black tattoo with the removal of the seat back part and applied to the part of the foot, to come to a 180 degree position of people with inpatient stretcher 170 cm reason it would allow you to be tattooed.

• Metal parts powder-coated.

• Changes color according to the request 2 with brakes and 4 wheel tattoo can be made in black as optional seat can be included.

Technical Specifications:

  • All the superficial regions 5 of 28 dance. vinlex upholstered in grey leather and sponge on.

  • A total of 19 kg.

  • The stretcher in position, length 170 cm.

  • Sitting back and the foot in the region of 55 cm.

  • 40 cm*15 cm*5 cm sponge armrests measures of the zone

  • A seating area with a floor height of 55 cm.

  • ExBxY - 55 cm x 170 cm x 55cm

2. Product:

Armrests Stand - Tripod Foot (Price: DKK 225.00 GBP - 25,00 TL Cargo)


  • The lowest level is 60 cm
  • The highest level is 110 cm.
  • Leather coated armrest cushion can be cleaned with a sponge of 2 on wood vinlex
  • Armrest surface 20 cm x 40 cm
  • Range of motion between 90 degrees and 180 degrees
  • Crimping height adjustment is easy with the apparatus you
  • A resealable plastic tripod foot
  • Complete electrostatic powder paint

3. Product

Bulk Sponge - Rider Black Leather Stool (Price: 140,00 TL - 25,00 TL Cargo)

• Seat is upholstered in black faux leather and high density sponge.

• Shock Absorber mechanism and to international standards was used.

• That would make your child a genius is easy.

• Without any trim because it is easy to clean

• Height adjustment mechanism that can be made

• Metal Chassis

• 1. guaranteed class Shock Absorber

• 100% local production made in Turkey

• 360° swivel wheels, polypropylene foot

• 2 years warranty against workmanship and manufacturing defects for 1. guaranteed class Shock Absorber

4. Product

Table floor lamp (Price: 160,00 TL - 25,00 TL Cargo)


• Spiral movement with the arm movement in all directions is possible

• Cable ON / OFF switch is located

• Top tube is chrome plated

• Round-the-pyramid situated at the foot of the hair progressively with a stylish appearance

• Electrostatic powder painted black the bottom of the foot

5. Product

Work bench Table Setup with 3 drawers - Wood (Price: 475,00 TL - 50.00 TL Cargo)


• Features 3 wood drawers.

• Wide drawers for storage and it is convenient.

• Pop-up features a sliding wooden tray.

• Stainless tub for hand tools in the upper surface piercings and tattoos.

• Thanks to the wheels, is moved to the desired place.

• Metal parts are painted with electrostatic powder paint.


Width: 400 mm Height: 500 mm height: 870 mm

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Tattoo Studio Equipment Set-4

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