Return Policy

After taking delivery of the product you ordered due to any problem the way that you must follow when you want to return and what you need to know is as follows:

Your return request within seven working days after the day you receive your order and your product related issues on our website “customer service”section or give information from an e-mail. Then mail will be sent to you within seven working days from the date of product delivery in accordance with routing we would ask to send back. In excess of seven working days in the case of notices unfortunately, we do not accept the return. Your request is being evaluated by the authorities and once approved your refund you when we receive a confirmation e-mail is being sent.

Complete with the original invoice of the product you are returning, the package undamaged, unused, if it is not damaged as the result of user error, order number and’ s you should be sure to include the correct address to send them back. If the bill is corporate product, the return process for the institution, organized by the share of cargo that can be included in the ‘Product Price + VAT in the form of a truncated ‘along with you need to send a return receipt. The bill returns ordered held on behalf of institutions ‘credit memo’ cut we weren't able to complete unless you should know that.

Box, package, the standard accessories if you have the package returned should be located in a manner that is complete and undamaged.

Reviews about the product before we confirm your refund ‘ - in return the Department is doing.

Return shipment of any shipping charge within these Terms will belong to you. However, it is understood that if you wish to return the product is defective, shipping back and the shipping charge that you pay for to be approved your refund will be credited to your account.

Once Your Refund Is Approved

We are doing a refund of the Product Price within ten days after approval of your return. When paying with a credit card The cost of the product, within seven days following approval of your return, your bank paid back to.

Your credit card refund deposited to your bank account in the reflection on the average it can take two to three weeks. For purchases with a credit card of the amount you paid back to the Bank may arise in the process of age-related improvements entirely possible that the Bank to process the transaction’ s responsibility. So we have a right to intervene in any of these kinds of problems.

Except The Right Of Withdrawal Refund Transactions

Consumers ‘right to withdraw without providing Reasons’ just mentioned, where the shopping takes place within the next seven business days, the refund request applies to recycling of the products advertised. Return for periods in excess of seven working days is unacceptable.

Special Conditions

When your order is delivered, before leaving the place of cargo delivery, You should open your package and check the product. Especially crushed, torn, opened or wet pack it is very important that you do it in. Product receipt is located in front of the courier bag. In an unexpected situation, the problematic product, if you experience of the product or invoice, does not exist in the courier bag if you take delivery of the package, but a minute to attach the courier, you must provide to be returned to us by the shipping company. Product Invoice, certainly it is necessary for cancellations and refunds.

The original packaging is damaged, opened, had been damaged in any way, tested, used, or damaged due to usage of the original invoice does not accept return of products that are not available.

A refund of the product, the product and all standard accessories; original package with the receipt and original packaging is sent back undamaged and exactly when they are taken. After delivery periods in excess of seven days ‘Withdrawal the right of return is out of the question.

Customer, product, and give it back to the situation at the moment of delivery is obligated to pay loss arising from the commercial use.

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