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Security And Confidentiality Of Your Membership Information
To become a member of our site, any information you have entered by our company 3. party will not be shared with firms or persons. All information you provide when subscribing and you can change it only you can reach it. If you are to protect your login information safe, it is not possible for others to access and change your information.

Credit Card Security
Our company is the safety of credit card owners who are shopping our shopping sites, we give primary importance. Your credit card information is not stored in our system in any way.

When you enter into the operations process, to understand that you are on a secure site, there are two things you need to be careful. One of them is a key or a padlock symbol in the address bar of your browser. It shows that you're on this Internet page and secure any and all information is protected by encrypting. This information is used in the sales process and, depending on the direction of the instruction you provide. Credit card information that was used during our shopping sites, shopping independently, by rapid 128-bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encrypted and delivered to the Bank for the query. The availability of the card if approved, the transaction continues. No card information is displayed or recorded by us since third parties are prevented from taking this information in any way.

Orders online credit card payment/billing/delivery address by our company are audited against the reliability of the information on credit cards sahtekarligi. So, the first order of our shopping sites supply and delivery of customers ' orders in order to reach that stage, primarily financial and address/phone Info of the accuracy of validation is necessary. This information is necessary for the control of, or concerned with the customer contacted the owner of the credit card with the Bank.

Mentioned address and telephone information lines or customer service and full of information in Internet shopping sites nowadays are more preferred. In this way you can receive detailed information about your mind all the topics that are attached to Online Shopping, you can obtain better information about the reliability of the company that provides the service.

Note: we recommend to take the place the company's address and Phone of Internet shopping sites. If you are going shopping to do your shopping from the store where you purchased the product all of the telephone / make a note of the address information. If you do not trust, before you confirm your purchase by phone. For the company that belongs to us all information and all online shopping sites are specified in the sketch that defines the location of the firm.

Mail Order Credit Card Information Security
Credit card mail-order method to us with your identity and your credit card information will be stored by our company according to the principle of privacy. This information possible objections that may occur with a credit card to withdraw funds from the Bank for 60 days suspended and afterwards destroyed. The price of the products ordered by you to us in return send you a certified mail-order form in case of withdrawal from any amount beyond the cost of your card, the Bank may appeal to you naturally, and it does not pose a risk to block the payment of this amount.

E-Mail Security
Our website customer service, for your order for any of the emails you send, never in your credit card number or your password, do not write. In e-mail messages by third parties, the information can be viewed. Our company is your e-mail does not apply to the security of data that is transferred from.

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