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WARNING : in accordance with the relevant law, please read the following points and print contract text and 16 in bold font us. In addition, every customer is a member of our Internet site as a shopper and US, are edited by the following, which reproduce what is without notice of the contract of Sale, all other items!

13.06.2003 date of distance contracts published in the Official Gazette 25137 by this Agreement and in accordance with the Regulations on application procedures over the internet that performs the obligation of making contract for sale of substances that are regulated pursuant to the case is as follows.
The subject of this Agreement, the seller sells to the Buyer, the qualities listed below and specified in relation to the sale and the sale price of the product delivery No. 4077 protection of consumers Law on-Distance Contracts Application in accordance with the provisions of the Regulation on procedures and principles regarding the rights and liabilities of the parties covers.
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As a customer people who subscribe to the shopping site.
Based on the information you used when subscribing address and contact.
Goods / products / services, type, quantity, brand/model, color, quantity, sales price, payment methods, order consists of the information that ended.
4.1 - The buyer, the product or products specified in Article 3 of the basic characteristics of subject of the contract, price and payment on delivery, with all the background information and the information read is the owner, and declares that gave the needed confirmation in the electronic environment.
4.2 - Contract product or products you are legal with the condition that for each product a period of 30 days will exceed the buyer's settlement depending on the distance of the pre-within the time described in the information at the address the recipient or the person/organization is delivered. This time can be extended for no more than 10 days before the buyer or registration.
4.3 - contract product, from the buyer to any other person/organization that will be delivered to be delivered to the person/organization rejection of the delivery shall not be held responsible.
4.4 subject of the contract of the product solid, complete, appropriate to the qualifications in the order and, if available, warranty documents, and User Manuals is responsible for the delivery.
4.5 - for the delivery of a signed copy of this contract subject of the contract, the product of'e have been delivered to the buyer's preferred payment method and the price must be paid. The product price paid by the Bank for any reason is cancelled or if is considered released from the obligation of delivery of the product.
4.6 - product after delivery of the buyer's Credit Card the fault of the recipient of the unlawful use by unauthorized persons in a way that doesn't originate from the bank or financial organization regarding unfair or the price for the product e-In case of payment by the buyer provided that it has been the product within 3 days'e must be sent to. In this case, shipping costs are borne by the buyer.
4.7 - force majeure or weather conditions that prevent Transport, Transportation due to exceptional circumstances such as the discontinuation of the product if it does not deliver within the period subject of the contract, the buyer is obliged to notify. In this case, the contractual product is modified with the buyer to cancel the order if you have a precedent, and/or to the postponement of the delivery period until the disappearance of the blocking of the condition-one can use. In the event that the buyer cancels the order within 10 days, the amount paid to him in cash lump sum is paid.
4.8 - Warranty Products or products that are sold with a non-defective or defective ones, required under the terms of the warranty for maintenance of can be sent. Such submissions (within 15 days from date of order) and shipping costs shall be borne by you.
4.9 - this Agreement by buyer clicks I've read admit will apply.
The buyer of the contract the subject product itself or the address of person/institution from the date of delivery (7) days within which the right of withdrawal. To exercise the right of withdrawal'e fax, email or by phone will be notified and the product must be unused, in accordance with the relevant article. This right is used, 3. the product that is delivered to the recipient or to the person'e sent cargo delivery to return the original invoice record with the instance. After these documents are received within 10 days, the product price will be refunded to the buyer. If the original invoice is not sent, VAT and, if applicable, other legal obligations are non-Refundable. The right of withdrawal shall be borne by the seller due to the shipping cost of the returned product.
That cannot be returned to nature products, disposable products, copied software and programs that can be quickly damaged or products that have passed the expiration date for the right of withdrawal is not available. All software and programs, DVD, VCD, CD and tapes, batteries, consumables (toner, cartridge, ribbon, etc.) and use the right of withdrawal, the package of the product, unopened, undamaged and unused of the product depends on the conditions.
Additionally, the amendments or additions made or custom made produced according to specific consumer requirements and demands of the consumer goods he can't use his right of withdrawal.
Payment is made with credit card or other payment card the consumer if the card is used without its consent and in violation of the law may be revoked on the grounds that the payment processing request. In this case, the card issuer is notified of the appeal within 10 days after the payment amount shall be returned to the consumer.
Implementation of this Agreement, up to the value announced by the Ministry of Industry and trade, consumer arbitration committees's location at the consumer courts are authorized.
In the event of the finalization of the order, Buyer shall be deemed to have accepted all terms and conditions of this Agreement.

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