Bustling Carola and Bed
Rolling Carola and Bed Systems | ProBed-5310
Bustling Carola and Bed
Wood Home Type Old Care Bed
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Rolling Carola and Bed Systems | ProBed-5310

Moving Beds
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About the ProBed-5310 Moving Carola and Bed Systems

(2 Motor-Controlled)

  • ProBed-5310 In a flexible and robust building with a flexible and robust storage capacity of 150 kg., which is known as theYatakbed platformlatabed platform, the bed air permeation of the bed will be held in the foreground.

  • The ProBed-5310 moving bed system allows you to easily perform back and foot movements with help in the control.

  • The moving bed system allows you to easily carry out the back and foot movements with the help of the remote control.

  • The pistol scarecrow system, which you can purchase, depending on your request, allows people to act on the carouge alone, in addition to being a reliable mechanism that prevents them from falling, as well as taking power to the person's corkulus. The ProBed-5310 can be used to easily remove the railing mechanism from the carolade during periods of no two-motor electric carola, without a railing need, and can be used like a classic carouser.

  • 220-volt is a waterboard that you can use in any area where electricity is available.

  • The 4500 N-power dualator motor with 2-year-warranty 2-motor electric moving cartridge is working as quietly as possible and is capable of carrying up to 150 kg..

  • TheProBed-5310ProBed-5310 moving bed system is fully assembled except for the headings, and you can easily install them by mounting their headsets in place.

Remember to purchase a laser-cut orthopedic bed with MS1673 SKU with ProBe-5310 Moving Carola and Bed Systems!

  • Laser Intersection Anti-decibit Feature Orthopedic Bed: 14 cm high and 24 dansites are completely cnc countertops performed on Cnc countertops. It takes shape with the movement of the melon, and the air permeation is at its highest level. The density of the sponge is too much, and it's a sweet, hard-on structure to prevent the formation of the bau wound. It is liquid-proof and is shipped with a wash and waveform device when desired.

General Features; 

Easy-to-move capability with the remote control 

Backspace and foottip movements

Moving pistol scarecrow system (Opel)

150 kg of transport capacity

Steel construm body

All metal feature electrostatic powder painted

A stylish look with wood-dressing panels

Battery system on which you can lower the back and foot of the cartridge in position when power is cut off

Technical Features: 

Engine power: 2 x 4500N 

Sound level: under 40 decibels

Backup angle: 85 ° 

Foot-up Angle: 35 ° 

Bed Measures: 90 cm x 190 cm x 14 cm

Height including bed: 55 cm 

Warranty: 2 years

2 motorlu hareketli karyola sistemi pozi

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