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Moving Bearings

Moving Bed Models | Moving bed prices | Campaign on Beds up to 42%

You can reach the most affordable price with the manufacturer's warranty and manufacturer's wholesale prices in Moving Bed Models. While offers you the best price advantages, the MOST Models and Diversity in Moving Bed Models are waiting for you.

Moving Bearings

Moving beds, which have many uses today, are designed with the comfort of people in mind. Moving beds are generally used in environments such as hospitals, hotels and retirement homes, where there is a lot of human circulation and where there are sensitive people who need to maintain their body posture. Every person at some point in his life definitely visits hospitals or inpatient institutions. In this case, especially in environments such as hospitals, while people are already suffering from their ailments, the fact that the beds they lie on are uncomfortable and of poor quality hurts the patients more. Our site has movable beds with different design features. Please visit to examine the moving bearings on our site.

What Are Moving Beds Good For?

Moving beds are designed to ensure the comfort of their users. Moving beds, especially used in hospitals, should have wheels on their feet. Because the patient can be transported with a moving bed in cases where urgent transport is required. In addition, mobile beds should be preferred in order to protect the skin integrity of bedridden patients in the long term and to prevent joint and bone pain. Moving beds in different colors and designs are available for sale on our site. You can order leather-covered or foal-feather-covered beds from our website, which sells specially designed products.

What Should Be Considered While Buying a Moving Bed?

You can buy moving beds, which have a very wide usage area, from our site, either individually or in groups. However, when buying a movable bed, make sure that it has a brake system on its feet, there are bed rails on its sides, and that the feet and head parts are lowered and raised with the control system. In addition, it is important that the skeleton system is made using quality metal. Our customers who buy mobile beds from our site can also order orthopedic beds if they want. We have moving beds with the most modern and technological equipment on our site. You can communicate any problem by contacting our authorized personnel from our after-sales technical support line.

Moving Bed Prices

Moving bed prices vary according to the quality of the products. You can check the moving bed prices by logging into our site. The moving beds you order from our site are delivered to the address within 1 to 3 days. Payment is easy on our site and you can pay by credit card or money order.

Moving Beds are also used in the following areas;

- Patient Bed

- Patient Bed

- Patient Beds

- Hospital Beds

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