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  • Manufacturer of permanent make-up beds
    Manufacturer of permanent make-up beds

    PERMANENT MAKEUP MATTRESSES Various applications can be carried out in hairdressers and beauty centers, which are frequented by women. One of the most remarkable applications among these procedures and one of the most preferred applications by women is permanent make-up applications. Various products are used while performing these permanent make-up applications. This is extremely important in the materials used, as well as the materials in which the products are processed. Therefore, we...

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  • Hair Transplant Chair Features
    Hair Transplant Chair Features

    Hair Transplantation Chair Hair transplant chair is almost the same as other chair types used in clinics and hospitals. These types of armchairs are medical products designed for small operations such as skin care, hair transplant, epilation and body care.

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  • Hair Removal Bed Models
    Hair Removal Bed Models

    Hair Removal Bed     Epilation beds are not reserved for laser epilation or standard epilation. Epilation bed is used for both epilation processes. Types of epilation beds also consist of many sequences.

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  • Spa Stretcher Features
    Spa Stretcher Features

    SPA STRETCHER The spa is purely for rest and relaxation. As you enter, the music and the atmosphere are for your relaxation. Various treatments are also applied in spa treatments. In addition to factors such as getting away from stress and revitalizing, it is also possible to have cellulite treatment and skin care. Campaigns are also held on some days of the month in spa centers. We recommend that you follow the campaigns.

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  • Piercing Chair Features
    Piercing Chair Features

    PIERCING CHAIR As human beings, we all have weaknesses against various accessories. Some of us take great pleasure in using bracelets, some of us watches, and some of us using earring-style accessories. Some people, on the other hand, put accessories in an important place in their lives as a result of procedures such as piercings. These piercings are generally performed on areas such as eyebrows, navel, lips or ears. There are some products where customers need to sit or lie down in order...

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  • Best Veterinary Pet Grooming Tables
    Best Veterinary Pet Grooming Tables

    En İyi Veteriner Pet Bakım Masaları The tables used during the examination or operation of pets in veterinary clinics are called pet care tables. When choosing the Best Veterinary Pet Grooming Tables, it is important to have enough space for the pet to stand during the examination. It also offers an advantage in mobility. Being able to be raised during operations facilitates the interventions of veterinarians. Hydraulic veterinary pet care tables are among the most preferred tables. Pets...

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  • Tattoo Stretcher
    Tattoo Stretcher

    There are items used for tattooing. The tattoo stretcher, which is among these items, is important for the comfort and quality of the tattoo process. With quality tattoo stretchers, people who have tattoos will be more comfortable and those who do tattoo will do their job easier. The tattoo process to be done on an unsuitable stretcher; It can cause various problems such as slipping and falling. Various risks are eliminated with tattoo stretchers. Stretchers are needed for a stable and...

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  • Stretcher Prices
    Stretcher Prices

    Krankentragen zur Verwendung im Gesundheitswesen; Neben dem Transport von Kranken und Verletzten kann es bei verschiedenen Operationen wie Tätowieren und Schröpfen eingesetzt werden. Die Eigenschaften und Preise von Tragen sind unterschiedlich. Es gibt Tragen, die leicht zu tragen sind oder bei der Komfort im Vordergrund steht. Nach Nutzungsbereichen; Es gibt verschiedene Formen wie Notfalltragen, Krankenhaustragen, Operationssaaltragen, Patientenwaschtragen, Tattootragen und Treppentragen....

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  • Sir Wax Stretcher Types
    Sir Wax Stretcher Types

    Women do various procedures in the name of beauty. Most of the ladies prefer wax to get rid of the annoying hairs.

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  • Wooden Stretcher
    Wooden Stretcher

    Wooden stretchers are one of the most preferred models in personal care and massage activities. The wooden stretcher, which is a very useful model with its wooden body and comfortable bed, offers alternatives with different designs. The designs that differ according to the purpose of use become more efficient with these differences. For example, wooden stretchers for massage have a cavity in the head areas for face massage, providing an important comfort for the massager. They vary according...

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  • Blood Collection Stretcher Price
    Blood Collection Stretcher Price

    There are blood collection departments in hospitals and polyclinics. The patient density in these departments is very high. Because blood analysis is requested in almost all examinations. The fact that patients have to donate blood frequently requires more care in choosing a blood collection stretcher.

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  • Inexpensive Nursing Stretchers
    Inexpensive Nursing Stretchers

    One of the usage areas of stretchers is beauty centers and hairdressers. Stretchers are used during the procedures in these centers. Designed as nursing stretchers, these stretchers have slightly different features than other stretchers. Since the procedures for skin care take a long time, it would be appropriate for the person to be treated to lie on the stretcher to be comfortable. With the intensive use of these equipment in beauty centers and hairdressers, stretcher manufacturers have...

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